About Us

Our Story

Ram Die is committed to building and servicing tools for several industries that cover a vast range of steel required products such as the: Automotive, Furniture, Appliance, Recreational Vehicle, and Medical fields.

Ram Die and its employees are skilled and have the required craftsmanship to build tools from a small and simple transfer die to very large, tight tolerance progressive die.


Our extensive machining capabilities ensure you will receive quality products that are accurate and precise to your desires. By utilizing Unigraphics design software, VISI software tools for programming CNC maching, RDC is dedicated to making a product you can trust. We are capable of returning your product in a very respectable time with our several CNC machines and three wire EDM machines.


We pride ourselves in making quality and durable parts that serve our community and its people for years to come! We are sure to keep our parts within tolerances to fully satisfy and serve you, our valued customer.


Our progessive and line dies are designed and built by our highly skilled workforce to give you a product that is durable and consistant at a competative price. Whether your tool is large or small, simple or complex, progressive or transfer; we will be sure that it is built to your standards and requirments in a timely manner.